K&M Fitness Solutions Adaptive Performance Center is a facility designed to serve disabled veterans and help them improve and maintain as much independent active living as possible and improve social functioning.

From PTSD, depression, and anxiety to amputees, and para/quadriplegics we are here to help them in a way that just mental health and rehabilitative services cannot achieve. Too often veterans with disabilities are categorized into a “percentage of improvement” from a rehabilitation standpoint. Once they reach that number they are released from therapeutic services and expected to adapt to the limitations they have without access to services that will help them improve. We believe those numbers can be much higher with the right type of facility. A gym environment allows veterans to feel more conventional as they work their body. The psychological impact of not feeling like they are in a clinical setting is one very large hurdle that can be overcome. In a rehabilitation facility an individual tends to feel “sick” or like there is something wrong with them. In a gym, the psychological belief is that of normalcy, strength and possibility.